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Levi R. McFann and his extended family, circa 1910. The photograph is now in the possession of David Christy, a descendant of Levi McFann, through his son Harry H. McFann. David reports that the picture says only "The McFann family" on the back and is stamped by Maurhoff's Photo Studio, Saxonburg, PA. David is sure that the girl in the front row, third from the right, is his grandmother, Mary Alice McFann, born in 1902. He is also fairly certain that her father, Harry H. McFann, is second from the right in the back row. One of the bearded men on the far left should be Levi McFann and the other bearded man might possibly be his brother Asa. If you think you can identify anyone in this picture, please write to me.

The image displayed on this page was converted to JPG format from a PICT format file sent to me by David Christy. If you would like the scan as I received it from David, please write to me.

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